Rio Classic Boats - Rio Bonito

Rio Bonito

The "Bonito" is the slightly more luxurious version of its little sister "Parana."
It is about 15 cm longer in total and has a distinctive retractable folding top, located behind the front bench and an electric windshield wiper.

Due to the slightly larger footwell, it is possible to create a cushioned sleeping area within the bow compartment in front of the forward bench.

Otherwise, the "Bonito" is structurally identical to its sister "Parana." It is therefore safe to assume that later "Bonito" models also grouped the dashboard instruments on top of each other around the steering wheel.

As with the "Parana" at the beginning of the seventies, the "Bonito" also underwent a model change. A completely new and revised model was introduced, which was even smaller than the existing "Parana."

1 Marine Engine Chris-Craft "283"
R.P.M. 3800, V8, Cu. in cc. 4637
Average consumption lt./h 21
Gearbox "Paragon"

Standard configuration

  • Anchor with rope
  • Fuel dipstick
  • Rio flag
  • Marine battery
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Retractable top
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Gasoline auxiliary filter
  • Oil filters
  • Boat hook
  • Rio flag
  • Boat cradle
  • Operation manual
  • Navigation lamps
  • Sunbathing mattresses
  • Lower deck with mattresses
  • User manual
  • Rope
  • Manual pump
  • 2 Paddles
  • Silencer
  • On-board instruments
  • Ammeter
  • Tachometer with operating hour meter
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • Water temperature display
  • Electric fuel indicator
  • Tarpaulin
  • Windshield wiper
  • Electric horn

Technical details

L.O.A.: 5.75 m.
Width: 2 m.
Draft: 0.45 m.
Load capacity: pers. n.5
Weight: 1000 kg.
Fuel: Super
Tank capacity: lt. 115
Medium autonomy: 5 1/2
Max speed: 75 km/h
Average consumption: 21 l/h