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About us

"Rio Classic Boats" was borne out of wonder for these design icons. This project was inspired by a vision to consolidate and provide a home for all this information, that will hopefully appeal to and attract all lovers and owners of Rio classics.
A huge "Mille Gracie!" to Piergiorgio Scarani, CEO of RIO Yachts SRL and Paola Barcella from the communications department. Without their willingness to collaborate, lending their time for background talks, as well as providing countless documents and pictures, this project would not have been possible.

Not forgetting, Alicia King, to whom we also owe a big "Danke schön!” for her support in launching this website by providing a wealth of exclusive information and photos. No one knows more about the history and details of Rio boats, than the Scarani family itself.

Helmuth Aster's assistance in Italy was also invaluable. His website documents the classics and he maintained direct contact with the founder's family for many years.

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