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These were the times of la dolce vita, where legends were created and where Rio boats, crafted from mahogany wood, took center stage. Between 1960 and 1975, these design classics were being brought to life, in Sarnico on Lake d'Iseo, the heart of Italian boat building. A triumph of detail, great passion and impressive craftsmanship, Rio built almost 500 of the finest mahogany boats, many of which are still in existence today. Rio Classic Boats documents the history of this iconic brand and — in cooperation with Rio Yachts — has become the new home for its owners and enthusiasts.

Rio Club Event 2024

World premiere! For the first time this year there will be an exclusive Rio Club Event: From 23rd to 25th in August. Rio lovers meet at Lake Garda. Rio owners or those who want to become one are invited: With the old legends on the lake, lunch & dinner at selected locations, wine tastings & golf - and exciting conversations among like-minded people. All information by email:

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Production spanned 15 years, resulting in six different Rio lines, manufactured in varying quantities, but always distinguished by a luxurious finish, which has come to epitomize the Rio brand. The single-engine "Espera" was the first of the Rio boats, with the last being the twin-engine "Colorado," which was produced in three different models. One distinctive feature, shared by all the boats, is that the hull parts were crafted in our own shipyard, from one piece of multi-bonded and varnished mahogany wood, which were then attached to the frames. This construction method was a stark contrast to that of the competitors, who assembled prefabricated parts from external factories.

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Aside from the intricate boat building, what distinguishes Rio legends are their unique Chris Craft and Chrysler engines, corresponding electronics, chrome-plated metal parts, as well as the fittings, convertible tops and all their accessories. These are explained and described in more detail here.

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The Rio Boats Club is being relaunched, having operated on the Côte d'Azur between 2006 and 2016. The club aims to bring together, not just current owners, but also lovers of these old mahogany boats. This will provide an environment for members, with a shared passion, to exchange information on boats around the world. There will also be the opportunity to participate in upcoming events.

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A selection of fully-restored individual pieces can be found here.
Each boats history — detailing any skilled works — are documented and certified accordingly.

Owners looking to resell their Rio can contact Rio Classic Boats confidentially here. In collaboration with you and our experts, we will evaluate your boat and prepare a correspondingly fair offer for potential buyers.

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A first selection of high-quality products with the renowned original Rio logo can be found here: From fenders, to shirts, caps, towels and more, all items are available as a single order and hand embroidered in Germany.

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