Rio Classic Boats - Boesch Acapulco de Luxe

Boesch Acapulco de Luxe

Name Boesch Acapulco de Luxe
Type / Year of manufacture / Category Runabout / 1969 / Motorboat
Status top / fully restored
Shell Wood
Length 5,80 m
Width 2,06 m

The classic from Boesch, the excellent boat builder from Lake Zurich! Swiss precision handcraft. Perfect for water skiing, sporty gliding over the waves or just sunbathing.
2ton Ohlmeier trailer (1st hand) specially tailored to Boesch with aluminum wheels, storage box. Special tarpaulin for ports and highways. This is so streamlined that you can travel at a speed of 120km/h without any problems. The trailer sits very well on the road and does not sway. Interior light gray with black piping, carpets - the skeleton of the individual seats was built by a carpenter in teak: total cost approx. €10,000. The boat received a new floor from the previous owner in 2011. The Matteri shipyard is on Lake Como and is a RIVA factory representative. Invoice is available. Also: A confirmation from the BOESCH shipyard that the boat dates from 1969 and which engine the boat was delivered with. So it is the original engine. Previous owner: Retired technical director of Lufthansa AG, who sold the boat for reasons of age. The berth was Lake Como near the Wert Matteri. Then it was with the last previous owner, a classic car specialist on Lake Garda since 2017. New parts: Electronic ignition, special starter motor that requires much less power and rotates faster. Boat including parasol, 4 fenders with BOESCH logo, original BOESCH pennant for bow deck with wooden stand, original stern stand with German and Italian flags, anchor, boat hook, mechanical bilge pump, etc.!
The boat is from 1969 - completely overhauled (wood, engine, electronics and upholstery).
A new tarpaulin and new trailer round off the all-round, worry-free Boesch!
Price: €57,500 including VAT. Inquiries to:

Depth 0,50 m
Speed 50 km/h
Unloaden weight 1.300 kg
Motorization V8 Boesch / 260 PS
Drive Inboard motor with shaft
Fuel Unleaded

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